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In 1985 up until company closure, WORLDS OF WONDER INC. of Fremont, CA designed and manufactured millions of cassette operated characters and provided marvelous POP displays for promotion of these "Toy of The Year" wonders.



It was in 1992 that I would find my place in the legacy created by Worlds of Wonder. While on a search for new eyeballs for my daughter's Teddy Ruxpin, it was suggested that I get in contact with Toyfaire. I am so grateful for Clay Pimentel who opted to carry on the distribution of Worlds of Wonder products directly to fans of Teddy Ruxpin and friends.  I was indeed fortunate to meet with and enjoy a wonderful association with Clay and his Toyfaire outlet.  It was he, and his awesome presentation of all things WORLDS OF WONDER that inspired me to acquire around fifty of these displays of Teddy Ruxpin and Mother Goose in 1992.  On the photo gallery page, you can see just some of the many custom furniture displays I created for Toyfaire back then. They were all very well received and completely sold out. In addition to the custom displays there were "Collector" sets of Polar and Panda Teddy Ruxpins in a very limited line. There too were "Designer" Teddy Ruxpins in an array of colored furs, a few of which can be seen in little chairs in the photo gallery.


With the exception of The Talking Mother Goose and Grubby, Worlds of Wonder opted to design not only Teddy Ruxpin, but also Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Snoopy as sitting Characters. I do not wish to find fault with that as for twenty seven years and counting, they all have been enjoyed as such by literally millions. They will continue to do so as designed.


Some 27 plus years later, Teddy Ruxpin, still a wonderful play toy, also shares a new personna as a collectible! In reality, Teddy became an instant collectible the moment he hit the shelves and remains such. There are now many who still wish for children to enjoy the awesome entertainment provided, while keeping Teddy safe from curious little hands.


Now here's what I do for you! As seen in some of the graphics presented and in all the Teddy Ruxpin story books, Teddy is seldom shown  sitting, but typically illustrated in an upright position as is his friend Grubby, who already exists that way. I will bring new life to your Teddy Ruxpin as a standing Teddy Ruxpin. Those of you who are collectors typically wish to keep Teddy original. As a collector, I can relate to that.


I'm suggesting that you allow me to do my magic on one of your other Teddy Ruxpins. Collectors typically have multiples of there beloved characters. For those of you who have only one, why not update him and give him some added protection from those little ones who sometimes wonder what it would take to remove Teddy's nose. He will stand proud and deliver his stories as he looks in his adventures.


Bringing life to Teddy as an upright is accomplished by carefully removing his sitting legs, repadding with new polyester fibers and providing him with a sturdy "bone" structure that attaches to two minimally invasive receptacles hidden beneath the existing fur. This now standing Teddy is now attached to an attractive base. As newly constructed, Teddy could also be attached to many other bases limited only by your imagination.